Shark Liver Oil Benefits Are Numerous

While many are beginning to understand the incredible benefits of fish oil, they are also being immersed in the education of shark liver oil supplements.  Below is an excellent excerpt from the book, Devour Disease With Shark Liver Oil by Peter T. Pugliese, M.D. and John Heinerman, Ph.D.

Sharks As Nutritional Miracles
“To broaden the scope of our knowledge, we need to embrace wild places and study exotic phenomena.  It’s rather ironic (and a bit sad) that there are still more human footprints on the moon than there are on the ocean floors.
When you stop to think about it, Earth is really a marine habitat.  And the seas are home to the greatest biological diversity on the entire planet.
The shark is one of the most splendid creatures that has ever been studied. It still remains something of an enigma, even to the experts.
Recently, key components in the shark’s system have been used successfully to improve human health.  Among these are alkylglycerols, found in the shark’s sizeable liver.  Extensive research has focused on their nutritional value.  For a variety of organs, glands, and other internal parts, these alkylglycerols appear to exert remarkable benefits.  They help nourish, maintain, and defend the body against disease.”
– John Heinerman, Ph.D., page 4.

A Quick Review on Omega-3s

Salmon oil is being linked to improve an array of health benefits.  Photo Credit: Imagery Majestic

Salmon oil is being linked to improve an array of health benefits. Photo Credit: Imagery Majestic

We hear it all the time. Omega-3s are good for the body. While we listen to the rhetoric, many really don’t know the reason behind it. Because our Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil supplements are rich with omegas, including omega-3, we thought we’d share why, while keeping it simple. Here’s a quick highlight of facts:

For starters, research has unveiled a host of evidence showing how marine-oil omega-3s can improve the health of your heart while lowering triglycerides.
Omega-3 has fatty acids which are crucial to overall health. Salmon oil contains the critical fatty acids of EPA and DHA.
We need these fatty acids in our daily diet.
Omega-3s help lessen inflammation in the joints, blood vessels and other parts of the body.
Omega-3s is also being considered one of the core ingredients in improving arthritis, depression, asthma, ADHD, dementia and more.

How to boost your heart and brain health with fish oil:

NDM Revamps Supplement Lineup

Nutrilys Del Mar recently decided to revamp its marine supplement lineup. 

And it’s greater than ever. 

Our French roots galvanized our decision to offer our three staple products which have enabled Nutrilys Del Mar to be the leading marine supplement company in the world,” said Thierry Lerond, founder of Nutrilys in France and Nutrilys Del Mar in San Diego. “Our Alkylglycerols from shark liver oil, Premium Oyster Powder, and Wild Alaskan Sockeye Oil are synergistic and keep our bodies in perfect harmony.”

While each one can be taken separately, many blend them together in their daily diet for optimum results.
And buy three individual products and get 10% off your order total!
At a glance, here are the health benefits from these ocean gems.
Increases energy levels and stamina
Boosts immune system
Detoxifies the body
Increases resistance to cold temperatures both on land and in water
Promotes healthy heart and brain tissue
Premium Oyster Powder  
Rich in natural zinc
Helps with fatigue
Enhances low libido
Helps with prostate challenges
Promotes healthy skin, hair and nails 
Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil 
Rich in omegas 3, 5, 6, 7, and 9
Healthy dose of vitamins A, D3, and the powerful antioxidant, Astaxanthin
Supports cardiovascular and brain health
Strengthens skin, hair, and nails
Improves joint health
Helps reduce inflammation
Promotes healthy fetal development
Helps maintain eyesight                                         

The ocean brims with nutrients,” Thierry said. “After all, it’s what nature intended all along.”

The Best Supplements For Wintertime

Winter Family StockImages
As the seasons change, so do our needs for supplements. Our bodies require different levels of nutritional support during each new season.

During the winter months, everyone is faced with the threat of the flu and colds, low weather temperatures, and dry and chaffed skin.

“The ocean is filled with incredible medicinal resources to help ease the side effects from the harsh winter temperatures,” said the spokesperson from Nutrilys Del Mar, a marine-based supplement company located in both San Diego and France. “For us, pure and natural marine-based supplements are the best and most potent form to take.”

Before starting a new supplement, the spokesperson said, it’s always advised to first speak with a health care professional.

Nutrilys Del Mar offered up their list of the best supplements for wintertime. They include the following:

Alkylglycerols: Harvested from squalus acanthias fish liver oil, this species has unique lipids and glycerol factors which increase immunity, offers a resistance to cold temperatures, boosts strength and energy, and battles fatigue.

Vitamin D3: The most potent form of this vitamin is harvested from Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil. Incredibly pure, this vitamin D3 dose mimics the same nutrient effects as natural sunshine. Its organic antimicrobial peptides are known to help fight bacteria and viruses, while boosting memory and cognitive abilities.

Astaxanthin: Also harvested from Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil, astaxanthin is considered one of the most powerful antioxidants in terms of resistance and stamina. It’s widely used for immune system and skin support.

Premium Oyster Powder: a natural source of zinc, premium oyster powder combats fatigue while supporting skin, nail and hair structure.

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil: Rich in omegas, vitamins A and D, this great supplement also helps hydrate the skin.

Fucorich®: A wild organic seaweed, Fucorich, supports immunity and gently detoxifies.

“These supplement picks will help keep our bodies healthy and strong during the cold winter months,” said the spokesperson.

An energy boost during the holiday season

Tis’ the season for zipping around town, attending holiday events, shopping for gifts, and traveling. It’s no wonder everyone seems to be running low on energy these days.

While keeping those energy levels up can be a challenge, it can be done with preparation and daily habits.

“With the right balanced diet and dietary marine supplements we can renew our energy every single day,” said the spokesperson from Nutrilys Del Mar, a supplement company based in San Diego and France. “It’s also important to note that when our energy and immunity levels are up, we can fight off the seasonal cold and flu, too.”

There are three top marine supplements to help boost your energy and keep your immunity strong. They include:

• Premium oyster powder
Vitamin D3

Premium oyster powder has a robust amount of natural zinc. In fact, it has more zinc properties than red meat. It helps battle fatigue and promotes joint and bone health, as well.

“Many of our clients actually take premium oyster powder to help with jet lag when they need that extra boost of energy,” the spokesperson said.

During the fall and winter months, finding a sliver of sunshine can be a true challenge. Sunshine offers a wonderful, natural dose of Vitamin D3. This special vitamin has been known to help boost immunity as well as keep energy levels up.

“When sunshine is nonexistent, the next best choice is Vitamin D3 from wild Alaskan sockeye salmon oil,” said the spokesperson. “Those who are vitamin D3 deficient rely on this natural product to keep their D levels healthy.”

Last but not least, alkylglcerols from squalus acanthias fish liver oil raises immunity and helps fight fatigue.

“This incredible soft gel fish oil is remarkable. It has been part of numerous clinical studies and always comes out ahead in terms of boosting immunity, offering a resistance to cold temperatures, decreases fatigue and increases strength,” she said.

While the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is at full speed ahead, don’t forget to be mindful of keeping a good diet of supplements and foods to stay energetic, healthy and strong.

Christmas Gifts With A Healthy Twist

Christmas couple imagerymajestic
As the New Year approaches, people start thinking of ways to get healthier. This thought starts off with the best of intentions, so giving the gift of health and wellness can really be a welcome under that Christmas tree.

With so many healthy supplements to choose from, it’s important to do some due diligence when finding the right products.

Nutrilys Del Mar based in San Diego and also in France is considered the global leader in marine supplements. They are everyone’s “go to destination” for the best pure supplements and advice around.

“We are often called the one-stop-shop with supplements because our founder, a former rehabilitation specialist for the elite armed forces, is on hand to speak to our clients,” said the spokesperson at Nutrilys Del Mar. “In addition to our founder, we have personalized service to help make your shopping experience easier.”

On orders $98 or more, customers get free shipping in the domestic United States. And if that weren’t enough, if clients buy three more products, they automatically get 10% off their order.

Every supplement at Nutrilys Del Mar is unique and provides an array of health benefits. These top marine supplements include:

• Shark Liver Oil Supplements
• Premium Oyster Powder
• Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil
• Fucorich, organic seaweed
• And much more

Nutrilys Del Mar also has highly sought after “Exclusive Packs” which are brimful of holiday cheer. A handful of them include:

• Health & Wellness – Vitality Pack
• Sports & Fitness – Endurance Pack
• Sexual Health & Fertility – Couples Pack
• Pregnancy & Prenatal Support – Pregnancy Pack

“For moms, wives, and girlfriends, Nutricosmet is another Exclusive Pack which is the top gift of choice,” said the spokesperson. “Our Premium Oyster Powder, Wild Sockeye Salmon Oil and Fucorich offer incredible anti-aging effects on the skin and is regarded as the top skincare supplement regimen. And of course, these supplement gems do wonders for the whole body.”

On the flipside, dads, husbands, and boyfriends will be appreciative for Military Formula™.

“The special natural ingredient within this supplement is alkylglcerols, also referred to as AKGs. It’s known as an elite shark liver oil because its years of clinical studies have revealed how it increases strength and energy, boosts immunity, promotes muscle recovery, an anti-fatigue agent, and is a perfect supplement for elite athletes and those wanting to get into better shape,” she said.

Feeling good and looking great is the best gift anyone could ever ask for. And Nutrilys Del Mar has the perfect shopping list to make that happen.

Alkylglcerols may offer an immunity boost

sneezing David Castillo Dominici
This is the time of year when people are doing their best to fight off the flu and cold. And despite the best of intentions, including making an appointment for the annual flu shot, it seems as if the population is still getting hit with some type of seasonal illness.

Those looking to boost their immunity naturally are looking to the supplement results of alkylglcerols. It’s a marine supplement.

“For centuries, people have turned to alkylglcerols, an elite shark liver oil component, to boost their immune system, fight off seasonal illnesses, and help the resistance to cold environments,” said a spokesperson from Nutrilys Del Mar, a marine supplement company based in San Diego and France. “This quality fish oil is well-known in European countries such as France, Switzerland and Belgium; and, the United States is starting to see the benefits, too.”

Alkylglcerols, from squalus acanthias fish liver oil, have been part of several comprehensive clinical studies. Documentation has revealed its immune system defenses. Likewise, it has aided in the following areas:

• Helps fight and lessens the effect of the seasonal cold
• Helps fight and lessens the effect of the seasonal flu
• Helps lessen allergy symptoms
• Helps lessen arthritic symptoms by aiding in inflammation

Alkylglcerols, a special ingredient, is found in mothers’ breast milk. This is what helps build the immunity for newborns and babies.

“Alkylglcerols is present in adults, but as we grow older, our levels of it aren’t as sufficient as they once were,” said the spokesperson. She continued, “But with the help of taking premium alkylglcerols, from a squalus acanthias fish liver oil soft gel supplement, we can continue to benefit from this excellent immune booster.”

While alkylglcerols is becoming more familiar in the states, it’s important to educate people on this ingredient. Some points to consider are:

• Pure alkylglcerols is not derived from shark cartilage
• Finding a patented, pharmaceutical grade fish oil is key
• Alkylglcerols should not be confused with omegas – they are separate fish oil features

“The Scandinavian medical team, Dr. Astrid and Dr. Sven Brohult, highlighted that those with weaker immune systems became stronger with a regular dose of alkylglycerols,” the spokesperson said. “In turn, this special fish oil helped fight off bacteria, viruses, and other illnesses.”

A daily dose of alkylglycerols is one way to staying healthier during the flu and cold season. And everyone wants to feel better during the holiday season.

Black Friday Sale Is Here!

Black Friday Sale

Nutrilys Del Mar’s Black Friday sale is underway! Take advantage of some incredible sale perks on our most popular marine supplements around the globe.

This is the best time of year to stock up on top tier products to boost immunity, increase energy, support gorgeous skin structure, and offer overall wellness from head to toe.



Black Friday and Cyber Monday preview shows healthy deals sizzling in San Diego

Nutrilys Del Mar offers doorbuster savings on its marine supplements for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Nutrilys Del Mar offers doorbuster savings on its marine supplements for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This is the time of year for door buster savings. That’s right, Black Friday and Cyber Monday means slashed prices.

From clothing to technology, everyone is looking for great deals. And another item worth its weight in gold is getting healthier and feeling better.

“These days, everyone is looking to boost their immunity and increase their energy,” said the spokesperson from Nutrilys Del Mar, a marine supplement company based in San Diego. “And the right pure marine supplements can do just that.”

The holiday sale starts on Nov. 27 and ends at midnight on Dec. 2, 2013. For starters, customers in the domestic USA and Hawaii get free shipping on all orders. And if they purchase $49 or more in Nutrilys Del Mar products, they will receive $10 off at checkout. The secret sale code is SALE10.

“It’s the perfect time to stock up or to give the gift of health and wellness this holiday season,” she said.

A handful of these leading marine supplements sold worldwide are:

Premium Oyster Powder: a rich source of natural zinc, premium oyster fights fatigue naturally while supporting bone and joint health

Alkylglycerols: Harvested from wild squalus acanthias fish liver oil, these special lipids and glycerol components boost immunity, fight fatigue and detoxify.

Vitamin D3: Harvested from Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil, this pure vitamin D3 supplement offers a protective shield through the creation of antimicrobial peptides which helps fight off bacteria and viruses

Fucorich®: A nutrient-rich wild organic wakame seaweed, harvested in the
pristine waters in Patagonia, offers numerous health benefits including a boost in immunity and gentle detoxification

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil: This pure whole-food supplement offers a daily diet rich in omegas, vitamins A and D, and the superior antioxidant, astaxanthin

“We hope this holiday sale gives everyone a jumpstart on feeling good from the inside out with our supplements,” said the spokesperson. “It’s our way of spreading holiday cheer to you.”

Two natural ways to help fight off the flu naturally by Poulsen by Poulsen

Listen up. The coughing is already starting and the flu season is beginning to rear its head. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, although the flu season generally hits those high numbers in January, sickness can start as early as October and last until early spring.

While many have already had their flu shots, they are also looking for an extra defense shield in the event a strain they get may not be part of the vaccine ingredients.

This is where natural marine-based supplements may help.

“This is the time of year when we are thinking of ways to protect ourselves against sickness,” said the spokesperson at Nutrilys Del Mar, a marine-based supplement company based in San Diego. “Right around the Thanksgiving holiday, we start coming into more and more contact with people who have the flu.”

There are two top natural supplements which offer a defensive shield against seasonal colds and the influenza: Vitamin D3 and Alkylglycerols.

“These daily supplements are also a fantastic choice for those who are unable to get the flu shot due to allergies or other health ailments,” said the spokesperson.

Vitamin D3, the same nutrient we get from the sun is rather nonexistent during the fall and winter months. And when vitamin D levels are low, people are more prone to getting sick.

Supplementing this ingredient with natural vitamin D3 from Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil is a perfect solution.

“Vitamin D3, harvested from wild salmon, offers a protective barrier against seasonal sickness,” the spokesperson said. She continued, “This fish oil is also robust in omegas, vitamin A and a superior antioxidant called astaxanthin.”

On the other health flipside, alkylglcerols, from shark liver oil offers another protective barrier. For centuries, alkylglerols have been consumed to boost immunity to help fight off seasonal sickness.

“This special fish oil is widely used in Europe. And since 1995, our company has sold more than 160,000 boxes to people living in France, Switzerland, Belgium, and now, the United States,” said the spokesperson.

Alkylglcerols have been part of many comprehensive clinical studies.

While taking the suggested sanitary precautions and eating healthy meals, consuming a daily dose of whole and pure marine supplements is another way to keep the family healthier.