Marine supplement manufacturer launches an extended Labor Day Sale by Stuart Miles by Stuart Miles

Nutrilys Del Mar, a leading marine supplement manufacturer based in San Diego, is celebrating its 2nd Annual Labor Day Sale.

This year, they’re offering savings for an extended weekend.

This special sale kicks-off on August 29 and ends on Labor Day, September 2, at midnight.

“At checkout, buyers will get $25 off on their minimum purchase of $49 by entering the secret code: LABDAY,” said the spokesperson at Nutrilys Del Mar. “And if they purchase $98 or more, then shipping is free.”

It’s a great time to stock up on supplements to build up that immunity before the flu season, while giving buyers an incentive to try out a new product.

“We are so happy to offer our most sought after products such as Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil, wild organic seaweed Fucorich®, Premium Oyster Powder, and Shark Liver Oil with this special savings,” the spokesperson said.

Below, are some “at-a-glance” health and wellness benefits:

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil:
• Rich in omegas
• Supports cardiovascular health
• Strengthens skin, hair and nails
• Improves joint health
• Helps reduce inflammation
• Helps maintain eyesight

• Detoxifies and cleanses
• Helps with cardiovascular and joint health
• Immune system booster
• Support skin structure

Premium Oyster Powder:
• High in natural zinc
• Helps lessen fatigue
• Promotes healthy skin, hair and nails

Shark Liver Oil:
• Boosts immune system
• Increases energy levels
• Helps detoxify the body
• Supports resistance to cold temperatures

“The ocean is full of nutrients,” said the spokesperson. “Nature made it and we bring it to you.”

Nutrilys Del Mar Labor Day Sale Announcement: Special $25 off offer is good for individual products and not on program product packs. To take advantage of $25 off, a minimum purchase of $49 or more is required. Please note this Labor Day Sale is not cumulative with other reductions or promotions.

$20 Off Your Next Order With Secret Code

The ocean waters offer a wave of health and wellness benefits for people of all ages.

Up until April 7, Nutrilys Del Mar is offering $20 off your next purchase of $49.00 or more! Visit and enter your secret code of NDM20 at checkout.

Go ahead, and treat yourself to one or more of our wonderful supplements such as:

* Shark Liver Oil
* Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil
* Fucorich
* Premium Oyster Powder

On the top of the list is our Shark Liver Oil with the following health perks:

*Immune system and energy booster
*Increases resistance to cold temperatures
*Promotes healthy heart and brain tissue

Our Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Oil, rich in omegas, has become a supplement our clients can’t live without. The benefits of this supplement are:

*Supports cardiovascular and brain health
*Strengthens skin, hair, and nails
*Improves joint health
*Reduces inflammation
*Promotes healthy fetal development

Healthy Asian cultures eat a daily diet of seaweed. Our Fucorich supplements with fucoidan extract, comes from wild organic wakame seaweed. It aids with:

*Cardiovascular health
*Joint health
*Digestive system
*Skin health
*Immune system booster

Also from the ocean waters, our Premium Oyster Powder supplement offers a zinc powerhouse. It’s also earning merit for:

*Helping with fatigue
*Enhancing low libido
*Helping with prostate challenges
*Promoting healthy skin, hair and nails

Nutrilys Del Mar is your special place for the ”Cadillac” of marine supplements!

Leaping Into The New Year With Fitness And Health Goals

Nutrilys Del Mar can help you with those health and fitness goals in 2013.

Many people have made a New Year’s resolution towards getting more fit and healthy. While incorporating exercise and making wiser meal decisions is a great start to a New Year goal, another addition is a daily supplement program.

Just like eating right, people need to choose the right, quality supplements which are good for their bodies.

Quality supplements will help bolster the immune system and up the ante for overall better health and wellness.

In this “quality category” are marine-based supplements whose products are backed by clinical studies.

Nutrilys Del Mar in San Diego, falls into this group by being the lead supplier of marine-based supplements. They continue to provide the highest quality of products around the world.

“Every day, we are absolutely honored to help people lead healthier lifestyles,” said Nutrilys Del Mar’s spokesperson. “I’m often asked what our most popular product is but I have to say it’s a combination of supplements such as our shark liver oil, wild Alaskan sockeye salmon oil, fucorich which is our wild organic seaweed, and premium oyster powder.”

While some of their clients choose to take only one product, the spokesperson said, others like to blend multiple marine supplements to get optimum results from these super foods.

For example, their Endurance Pack for sports and fitness provides a superior combination of marine supplements to boost energy and endurance, speed up muscle repair and reduce fatigue.

Each Nutrilys Del Mar supplement offers its own a unique quality to promote health and wellness.

“Our shark liver oil offers a natural ingredient called alkylglycerols which boosts the body’s immune system,” said the spokesperson, adding how this ingredient is found in human bone marrow, liver, spleen and breast milk.

Shark liver oil users may also experience:

• Increase energy levels and stamina
• Immune system booster
• Helps detoxify the body of heavy metals such as mercury
• Helps increase resistance to the cold temperatures both on land and in water
• Promotes healthy heart and brain tissue

“Just recently, our client’s wife got a non-poisonous spider bite, and for several days, the skin area was very inflamed and had a hard time healing,” said the spokesperson. “She decided to try the shark liver oil supplements which her husband was taking, and within 48 hours, her spider bite area began to heal. Now she is taking shark liver oil daily.”

The ocean is filled with medicinal properties.

“Rich with omega-3s, our wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon oil is also amazing,” she said.

A handful of these omega-3 perks may include:

• Supports cardiovascular and brain health
• Strengthens skin, hair, and nails
• Improves joint health
• Helps reduce inflammation
• Promotes healthy fetal development
• Helps to maintain eyesight

Some Asian cultures are a true health testament to seaweed diets. Westerners are beginning to take notice and are incorporating organic seaweed into their daily routine.

“Research is showing marked longevity, medicinal, and anti-aging properties from organic wakame seaweed which has an ingredient called fucoidan,” said the spokesperson, adding how their seaweed pill has this natural extract.

And premium oyster powder is an optimal way to offer a boost of zinc into a diet. Oysters have a robust amount of zinc.

Premium oyster powder may also assist with the following:

• Help with fatigue
• Enhance low libido
• Help with prostate challenges
• Promote healthy skin, hair and nails

“Adding any one of Nutrilys Del Mar’s quality supplements is great way to start off the New Year,” she said. “After all, it’s the perfect time to concentrate on getting fit and healthy and we all deserve that.”

*Before adding any new supplements into a diet, it’s advisable to speak with a health care professional for advice and right dosage amounts.

The best wild seaweed supplement ingredient

The fucoidan ingredient extract from wild wakame seaweed does wonders for the body

For centuries, research has shown how some Asian cultures including Japan have incorporated seaweed into their daily diets. The results are remarkable when it comes to longevity, medicinal and anti-aging properties.

Westerners don’t regularly eat seaweed. Yet, they are hearing about these health benefits and researching what is the best seaweed supplement to add into their diet. What shoppers need to look for is a fucoidan ingredient extract from wild wakame seaweed.

Nutrilys Del Mar, a marine-based supplement company based in San Diego, has an organic product with this fucoidan extract called Fucorich®. This family-owned company said it chose this type of seaweed because it’s grown and harvested in the remote waters of Patagonia, Argentina. The waters are clean and free from any type of harmful residues, such as chemicals.

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The Health Wonder of Seaweed

Wild wakame seaweed contains fucoidan which may offer medicinal properties to combat cancer, metabolic syndrome, and other degenerative disorders. Courtesy photo from Nutrilys Del Mar

The Japanese diet has been recognized for its healthy lifestyle.  And seaweed is part of the culture’s longevity. In the May 2011 edition of Life Extension, a registered nurse by the name of Tiesha Johnson authored her article, “The Little-Known Longevity Factor in the Japanese Diet.”

Below is an excerpt to her introduction which will pull you into wanting to read more.

“Fucoidans are found almost exclusively in certain kinds of seaweed. Their anti-aging potential emerged in several analyses of the Japanese diet, particularly among inhabitants on the island of Okinawa, long known for its high concentration of people at least a century old (centenarians).

Virtually no one in the West obtains enough of these critical molecules, which have been shown to facilitate tissue regeneration, immune function, and cell-to-cell communication.

In this article, you will discover how fucoidans work to combat cancer, metabolic syndrome, and other degenerative disorders.”

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